Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Plans

It has still been pretty gray and rainy here in Seattle, but that doesn't keep summer away. Oh, no, Seattleites love summer! We start getting out our shorts and flip flops when it hits 60 degrees. I actually hit the beach this past weekend and got a tiny bit of sun.

Now that the overcast skies appear to be clearing, it's a good time to start planning my summer. I'm still not sure how many things I can actually manage to do, but here are some things that I plan or hope to do.

1. Go to Chelan with the roomie
2. Have a wine and chocolate tour day at Chateau Ste Michelle and Boehm's Candies
3. Kayak (back home, and maybe near the Arboretum)
4. Explore more beaches along Lake Washington
5. Take the Underworld 21+ tour through Seattle's historic red light district
6. See Rob Thomas in concert
7. Attend SeaFair
8. Go to the Mercer Island Summer Celebration
9. Watch a movie at Marymoor Park

Ok, can't think of 10 at the moment. Anyone want to contribute some ideas?


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Sailor

Okay, so I will not go into great details, but the "friend"-ly guy has redeemed himself. I gave him another chance, and he managed to touch my arm, hold my hand, and...hmph! A lady does not kiss and tell...

Hintedy hint hint.

X's and O's!