Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Stories of a CSR: Dogs are too common

So a while ago I had a separate blog for stories from my experience in customer service. While I deleted the blog due to inconsistency (not enough interesting stories at any given time), I have saved a few up and will be posting them from time to time.

At my work, one of our popular products is a capacitive stylus for touchscreen devices. One of our customers sent us the following email regarding the styluses:

"Do you sell extra rubber tips for any of the iPad styli? My pet raccoon loves chewing off the tips. I hide them but she can smell a stylus anywhere in my house. I have a dozen different pens with no ends...all sizes!

Thanks for your help!"   Yes, ladies and gentlmen. Her pet raccoon ate the tips! Unfortunately, there wasn't really much we could do, given the circumstances. Perhaps she could buy raccoon snacks so the fuzzy thief doesn't go after her styluses? Just a thought.   Happy with a normal pet,   ~K