Saturday, December 3, 2011

Oh honey, don't even start with me, PT 2

To follow up with my post from yesterday, last night I got on that dating site to show my friend Dick's message and my response. Well, what do you know? He replied, despite the fact that I told him not to:

"Honestly, I don't remember you. I saw a new profile and thought to strike up a conversation with a girl who claimed to be a Christian. I can see that I was mistaken on both points. In the future, stop claiming to be something you have no desire to be."

Yes, he obviously has the ability to judge my soul. Oh wait, that's God.

As my readers know, I am not one to take such things lightly. So what was my response this time?

Silence. Oh, and reporting him to the site. He has since been removed.

All's well that ends well, friends!


Friday, December 2, 2011

Oh honey, don't even start with me

So I recently signed up on a couple online dating sites. I've been weeding out the creepos and trying to stay positive, but my goodness, it's hard with some of these guys!

One guy messaged me, who we will call Dick. I recognized him as a guy that I had actually gone out with once a few years ago. That date was horrible. We didn't have a conversation, he gave a monologue...about things that you don't really discuss on a first date. He went off on a political rant, then talked about how messed up the Christian church has become. I basically smiled and nodded until I could safely leave.

So when Dick messaged me, I deleted the message. Evidently, that ruffled his feathers, as he sent me the following message:

"I know it can be tempting to simply ignore people; but as Christians, we owe one another better than that.
Whether it leads to conversation or not is an entirely different matter; however, our first obligation is to treat one another with the love of Christ.
I don't claim to have written the most engaging first message. Regardless, it was genuine and it was an appropriate place to open a conversation."

So he's using my faith to guilt-trip me into talking to him, when my desire was to be polite enough to keep my silence. Well, if he's gonna push me to talk, I'm gonna talk. This was my response:

"Evidently it can also be tempting to push people who would rather be left alone. I didn't ignore you; I deleted your message as I had no desire to talk to you. It was a conscious choice based on a previous meeting with you.

Rather than tell you that I found you to be rude and obnoxious, I felt that as a Christian, I owed you better than that. However, as it would seem that you neither agree nor consider the fact that girls may just decide to skip past you, fine. I'll talk.

I don't appreciate your attempt to guilt-trip me into a conversation. That is not what I have experienced from other Christians, and trying to make me out to be a bad person for not talking to you is completely immature.

Let me be very blunt: I do not owe you anything. I am seeking someone who is compatible with me. You are not. Thus, I deleted your message. Being a Christian on a dating site does not require me to respond to every single message that a Christian guy may send me.

To be perfectly honest, you have said that we ought to treat each other with the love of Christ. I agree, and wish that you had done this. You have not been respectful of my boundaries, and harassing me is not acceptable.

I would strongly suggest that you reassess your approach to women, as what you are doing now is obviously not working.

I have said my piece, and I hope that you are satisfied that you have received a response. Now I expect you to leave me be. If you persist in harassing me, I will report you.

Good day."

Tired of the BS,