Sunday, October 31, 2010

October wrap-up

As I have been remiss in my blogging duties, I felt compelled to fill my readers in on the recent goings-on of your favorite Kiki.

October is one of my favorite months. The leaves change their colors, pumpkin pie abounds, and I get presents just for existing! How cool is that?

Mid-October saw a very excited Kiki and roomie flying away to Sin City.

Vegas welcomed us with open arms in return for open wallets. We were both disappointed. My roomie and I don't gamble, so the real draw of the casinos were the shops, restaurants, and in a couple, dance clubs. We stayed at the magnificent MGM Grand, chosen specifically for its pools. Unfortunately, we never got a chance to swim in those coveted pools.

We really ought to have researched a bit better, as the food options were not that great. Next time, we should definitely go outside our hotel for all of our meals!

The first night we showed off our moves at Studio 54 located within the MGM. It was certainly disappointing after all of the hype about Vegas clubs. Frankly, I think I would have preferred the club I frequented in central Virginia. The music was okay, but there weren't really any cute guys. Definitely not worth the $20 cover and $20 drinks.

The second night, at my cousin's suggestion (as a Vegas resident, I respected his opinion), we went to Vanity at the Hard Rock. This time around, a promoter met us as soon as we entered the Hard Rock and gave us wrist bands for free admission. Score! However, being snubbed by the manager (even if he was hot), and waiting in line forever was not all that great. We entered, hoping that things would get better. They got worse. The club was very pretty, and there was plenty of seating. But it seems that the designers forgot to put in a dance floor, so people were stuck dancing between two bar areas. Oh, and we still had $20 drinks.

So to Vegas I say BOO! I believe in second chances, but my forgiveness will take time. See you in another year or so.

As I mentioned earlier, October is when people give me gifts just for being alive. That's right, it's birthday month! I am now a quarter century old, and I feel every day of it. It seems like moments turn into days, and days turn into decades. Everything has gone by so quickly, but I have felt it all. Sigh.

Happy Halloween everyone and let's get ready for November!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Sunday at Starbucks

Well, the silence is broken. I do apologize, once again, to my readers who were hungrily awaiting the next installment from their favorite Seattleite.

Unfortunately, my roommate and I do not currently have internet at our new place, so blog updates may be sporadic for a while. Please do your best not to weep, as I am sure it will be less than becoming to have mascara streaming down your cheeks.

Yours truly is currently sick with a cold, which is most inconvenient as my trip to Vegas is coming up. I need to be healthy and beautiful for this trip, and at the moment I have frizzy hair and my nose rivals Rudolph's. Sigh. It will be all right. I have a little bit longer to make myself well, and I have a jar of matzo ball soup in the fridge to aid my plight.

Yes, as mentioned, we are moved into the new place. It is a condo townhome, and I absolutely love it! So much soft carpeting that my feet are in absolute paradise, and it feels like a real grown-up living situation. My room, however, still feels like that of a 9-year-old girl. I have my twin size Ikea bed in the corner, two clashing dressers (one white plastic Ikea dresser, and one beige wooden one), a stack of Rubbermaid containers for little items, and quite a few garbage bags littering my floor full of books and random articles whose place I still cannot find. What I need is an interior designer and endless money. I have neither, so my room may stay this way for a while.

All in all, life is good and I have just finished a delicious raspberry hot chocolate. Once I leave, I plan to spend the rest of the day in bed watching movies I have already seen half a dozen times and trying to force my body into recovery.

Wish me luck!