Tuesday, May 31, 2011

16 Guys Amended to 17: Guy #2

The time has come to tell the tale of Guy #2. He was my first kiss, my first boyfriend, and my first love.

D had been in my dorm's brother dorm the year before by sophomore year, so he knew most of the guys who came back. I met him in the cafeteria (yes, just like Cody) during lunch. My friend Megan and I sat down with one of our brother dormer Jeff. D was friends with Jeff, so he came and sat down as well. My first impression of D was that he was an obnoxious jerk. He found ways to make fun of me, but I felt that I countered well enough.

Upon leaving the cafeteria and parting from D, Megan told me that she thought that I would date D. I told her she was dumb.

After that day, D began eating lunch with our little group on a regular basis and began joining Megan, Jeff, and I in our biology class. D was not enrolled in this class, but he sat in anyway.

After a while it became somewhat apparent that he was sitting through a class he had already taken not because he enjoyed biology, but rather due to the fact that he liked passing notes with me. In case you were curious, my grade in this class was horrible.

The turning point was when D realized that there was competition for my affection, as Cody was not hiding his attraction. After going out with Cody and being utterly confused, I told both boys that I just wanted to be friends. D asked if he could speak to me in person concerning this decision. Against my better judgement, I agreed.

D picked me up, and we drove to an abandoned parking lot. With 3 Doors Down playing (as it always was in his car), D told me that while he would do his best to pretend to not have feelings for me, they would still be there. For some reason, I began crying. He kept lifting up my head to meet his eyes, and I kept pulling away. Finally, I let him lead my head up and held his gaze. He held my salty tear-strewn face and leaned in to kiss me.

That's where it began. I didn't understand what to do with my feelings, and I told him time and time again that we should be friends only to somehow find myself walking hand-in-hand or making out with him. We finally decided that we should be together, which thrilled me to no end.

Now there is so much more to tell in this story, but it has been told before. There are lies, betrayal, a xanga war, etc. The fact is that while I was broken at the time by everything that was done, it is in the distant past. My hope was and will always be that D becomes the type of man I knew he was capable of being.



Monday, May 30, 2011

GNO in Portlandia

As they say, "The dream of the 90s is alive in Portland."

Saturday morning found 3 tired Washingtonian girls making their way to Bedlam Coffee in Belltown to grab some much-needed caffeine to fuel the road trip ahead. Koko, Liz and I were making our way south to the foodie paradise of Portland, Oregon.

The car ride was tiring, but it went by quickly and we soon found our way to the lovely (if a bit dated) Mark Spencer Hotel. I'd gotten a groupon a while back, so we had an executive suite at a very affordable price. After unloading our luggage, we wandered up the street to Powell's Books, which is a must for any visit to this fair city. I lost my friends more times than I found them, but we all came out with at least one literary snack.

Unfortunately, our physical hunger now needed abatement, so we trekked up a couple streets to Andina, a lovely Peruvian restaurant.

Mariko soon had to part ways to meet up with her friend, but Liz and I explored Chinatown before attending the hotel's wine hour. It seems Portland hotels all know that this is expected of them, as the Monaco also provides this to its clients.

Following our complimentary libations, Liz and I went up to our room to get ready for what would be an amazing girls' night out. I discovered that night how fabulous well-connected friends can be. My friend Emily, who lives 15 minutes outside Portland, had arranged for us to hand out fliers for a limo service in exchange for use of the limo. Thus we received complimentary luxury transportation, free cover for three different clubs, and some very expensive champagne.

Despite having cover for three clubs, we ended up staying at just one. It was a bit packed, and it would have been a complete wash if we hadn't kept receiving free drinks and then being given free admission to the VIP area. Thankfully, the VIP area provided us with room to breathe as well as seats to rest. Once there, we were again given champagne (evidently people know us girls like our bubbly!).

By the end of the night, we were quite ready for bed and the limo came around to take us back to the hotel.

All in all, the entire trip was a blast. The only truly unfortunate event was the next day when Liz and I made our way to Voodoo Donuts. These donuts are sought out by locals and tourists alike, and there is always a line out the door with at least a 30 minute wait. We showed up, noticed that there wasn't a line (hooray!), and quickly walked up to the door. That is when we began crying like babies...or at least we wanted to. The sign posted on the door stated that Voodoo was currently closed for construction until June. Sigh.

And so I remain donutless in Seattle.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

MIA again

Hello, beloved readers. Please believe me when I say that it has been difficult being away from here for so long. Unfortunately, my computer decided to go to an early grave and I cannot post properly from my new smart phone. It may be a while before I can properly update y'all on my life, but I hope it will be sooner rather than later.

To give a very brief overview that I hope to expand upon:

  • I took a two week vacation, one week in Mexico
  • I dated a wonderful boy, but as of yesterday "we" are no more
  • I decided to leave the stone age, and swapped my flip phone for a Droid Pro
There you have it. Details will come, but I cannot promise a timeframe.

Take care and lots of love!