Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mardi Gras in Seattle

2011 marked the return of Mardi Gras to Seattle. Back in 2001, everything got out of hand with violence, cars being turned over, and at least one death. The city put a moratorium on the celebration, which ended with this year's celebrations. My mom, being a mother and all, warned me that there may be riots.

There wasn't. In fact, the streets seemed pretty tame. Of course, Mardis Gras has the misfortune of falling on a Tuesday, so the majority of the city was in bed.

My friend Liz and I were not in bed that night. We attended the Seattle Erotic Ball, which was a masquerade. My mom had helped me in putting together my corset, which I paired with a full white skirt for more of an angelic look. I kinda stood out from the girls passing pasties off as tops and the guys walking around in thongs.

Despite this, we had a lot of fun dancing the night away and watching the burlesque acts. Our friend Kirk gave us passes into a neighboring club where we enjoyed some delicious libations. While there, we were given several sets of beads, including one that had a flashing Jager bottle.

We then returned to the Ball, where we danced some more, received more beads (for being awesome, not showing anything!), and had our pictures taken over and over. We did, in fact, end up as the second picture featured in The Stranger.

10 years after the violence, Seattle has redeemed itself.