Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Stories of a CSR: Public education at its finest

As most of my loyal readers know, I work in customer service. From time to time, I see emails that make me laugh, make me angry (remember that I have your home address and phone number, people!), and make me just shake me head in despair. The following is an example of the latter:

"Are school department would like to order a xxxx case. The web price is 24.95 is that the price I can do a purchase order for? If so what would be the shipping and handling be?

ABC School"

Sigh. This is why my parents chose to homeschool me.

Saddened by society,


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Conversation about dating

me: I may have just discovered a million-dollar idea
There aren't any dating sites for Scandinavia boys who want american women

friend: Lol

me: Whatever. I want a Scandinavian hubby
who looks like a viking

friend: Haha I say go for it

me: How????

friend: Lol find a techy guy

me: They're indian
Been there done that

Ok, gotta find an Alexander Skarsgard lookalike!

Single in Seattle,


Monday, October 29, 2012

Onward to 30

I suppose aging is inevitable. It is something that begins the moment we exit our mother's womb, and we unknowingly march on toward our own deaths. Lovely, right?

I'm told often that I do not look my age. However, I am being carded less often than a few years ago. Do I dress older? I don't really have wrinkles. Perhaps I should stop calling those younger than me "whippersnappers", since it does sound like something an old person would say.

Last week I turned the big 2-7. No, it isn't really a milestone birthday, but it is just another reminder of how close I am to the big 3-0.

When I was younger, I couldn't imagine being this old. In fact, I was sure I would have died by 16. No real reason, I wasn't into a bad scene or anything. I just thought I would die young.

Well, I've managed to stay alive, and here I am. So what do I have to show for it? Well, I am the head of my department at work, I have my own apartment with a gorgeous view, and I do in fact still have my looks. Besides that, I have friends who truly care about me, a family who loves me, and the rest of the years ahead for many more adventures. Life is good.

But I got anti-wrinkle cream just in case.

Young at heart,