Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Stories of a CSR: Public education at its finest

As most of my loyal readers know, I work in customer service. From time to time, I see emails that make me laugh, make me angry (remember that I have your home address and phone number, people!), and make me just shake me head in despair. The following is an example of the latter:

"Are school department would like to order a xxxx case. The web price is 24.95 is that the price I can do a purchase order for? If so what would be the shipping and handling be?

ABC School"

Sigh. This is why my parents chose to homeschool me.

Saddened by society,



  1. oh people. they do make you wonder ::sigh::

  2. This is my biggest pet peeve. Seriously. How can you expect children to learn if the people in charge of them are still making errors like these? :/