Monday, January 31, 2011

Here We Go Again

So I've told you all about B, the most recent guy. Well, this is the message that I received from him today on Facebook:

Hey, so I've been thinking lately about you and I. To be honest I'm not really feeling a strong connection between us. It sucks because you are an amazing girl and a LOT of fun to hang out with. I know any guy would be very lucky to have you. I just think its fair to tell you this so I'm not wasting your time at all. If you still want to be friends then that would be awesome, but if not I completely understand. Also, sorry I sent this to you on facebook, I didn't really know how to say it in person. Let me know what you think whenever you get a chance, talk to you later.

Sigh. The old "it's not you, it's me" line, brought to you by Facebook!

Oh well. If the feeling isn't there, I'm not gonna push it. I did tell him I intend to get my Freaks & Geeks collection.

Alone again,



  1. Girl I'm sorry to hear this. I'd tell you men are assholes. But then I'd sound like a Bitter Lesbo Betty. So I will offer up my most cherished blessing. You can have Oscar tonight, if you need a snuggle buddy. :) Let me know if you want to watch a Bollywood movie and down some wine and chocolate or if you just need to get out to a happy hour or something. I'm here. *hugz*

  2. Facebook...destroying relationships on a daily basis. Do you know that lawyers said that Facebook is cited as the reason for divorce in 1 in 5 marriages? Nice, right? Seriously though, you can do better than a guy who gives people the kiss-off via a social networking site. Blergh!

    BTW...have you searched eBay for the Katy Perry for OPI Black Shatter polish? It seems like people are always selling brand new polishes on there. :)