Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh, Canada!

This past weekend my mom finally took me to Victoria, B.C. I say finally due to the fact that she has been talking about taking my sister and I since we were little girls. Well, 30 years after her honeymoon there, she returned with me and my brother. My older sister still doesn't have a passport, so she can go pout in a corner.

We took the Victoria Clipper, which is a quick boat ride from Seattle. Due to an unexpected delay, it was announced that all alcoholic drinks would only be $2.50. Well, this pleased me greatly, so I ordered a mimosa. I received a bottle of orange juice and an individual bottle of champagne with a cup to mix it myself. While the champagne was not that great, $2.50 for a refillable mimosa was a very nice start to the trip.

The real reason for going was Butchart Gardens. It did not disappoint, my friends! Row after row of bright blossoms sprouting up in all directions. Pops of color mingled with more subdued shades filled every inch of ground.

There truly is no proper way of describing this place. Ultimately, you just have to go. It will definitely be worth it.

Your flower girl,


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  1. The flowers sound incredible. There is something about pretty-colored flowers that always make my heart skip a beat.

    I'm so glad that you had a fabulous time! :)