Monday, July 6, 2015

Gone fishing

Online dating: curse or bane of singletons everywhere? I haven't decided, but I have gotten quite a few stories out of my experiences. Here's just a sample message I was recently sent:

Offering something a bit more old fashion...Welcome to my page. What do I have to offer? What is in it for you? What about you, yourself, your desires, wishes , wants ,needs and on and on the list goes.

I don't have to talk about my job, cause I don't have or need one. I am set up just fine financially with a simple lifestyle after having travelled to many countries of the world. I never got the chance to be a real dad yet and now is the time.You could keep your job if you like, but if you have children you won't be working at a job cause you are too busy chasing your children around the house and yard. The real joy in life includes children and why you are not fulfilled with all your hobbies , free time and what not. Nor has your job satisfied you either, though you spent years in jobs and now you decided you want a family at your age! ........"

This message did, of course, come from a man old enough to be my father.

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  1. Sup Kiki,

    Are your initials K.O.? Because you are definitely a Knock Out.

    Haha for real though....I'd say that online dating is almost unilaterally a curse for us singletons. It tends to bring out the worst people and/or the worst in people. But every now and then, rare exceptions come along; there's a small class of people who behave responsibly by proofreading what they read, usually after remembering that an actual person will be reading what they have written. I've enjoyed a lot of the posts here on your blog (and got a kick out of some of the videos) because I see that quite desirable trait, among others.

    Such as your great taste in novels and music....which got me thinking. I've gathered you're not into men old enough to be your father, but I bet you might take a chance on one old enough to be your younger brother who just graduated college ;) We should go out to Ozzie's sometime; you can be the Fergie to my on the karaoke stage, then we can venture into a discussion of culture, philosophy, and romance like a real life Dagny Taggart and John Galt. And I can tell you how it was that I came across this lovely blog of yours.

    Sincerely yours,