Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Power of the Negligee

Seduction. Sex. Scandal. All of these probably come to mind when you think of a negligee, and for good reason. Negligees are designed to be attractive and alluring to the male in question when the lady dons one.

Yet...they are so much more. I have pretty much always worn practical nightclothes to bed. T-shirt and shorts, nightgown, or long nightshirt. Whatever. They are comfortable, and make sense. A negligee is not that practical and really is not a logical thing for me to wear to bed (I sleep alone, lol).

After drooling over the sexy bras and lingerie I've seen in stores and catalogs, I recently decided to indugle myself just for fun. This is where I made an accidental revelation. Ready for it? Think you can handle it??

A negligee simply makes the wearer feel attractive. No need for a man to confirm this (though I suppose it's always nice to verify such information).

I love the negligees that I purchased. They are not the most comfortable things I've ever worn, but I feel so sexy and feminine when I am simply sitting on my bed reading before I go to sleep. How is it possible that such a tiny little garment could have such a huge impact on my view of myself? I feel prettier! I feel girlier! I feel SEXY!!

Going through a breakup? Forget him with a lacy chemise!

Lost your job? Apply online in your babydoll from Wal-Mart!

Need something for your African safari? Blend right in with a zebra print set!

Ta da! Everything is alright now that you're in a negligee.

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