Thursday, February 11, 2010

Google and McQueen

I simply cannot keep track of all of the different social networking sites that are up-and-coming all the time. It seems that foursquare has taken off, and now we have another Google entity vying for attention. Google Buzz seems to be a bit Twitter, and a bit Facebook. Yet, this is not the only network-y tool that Google has marketed. It seems like just yesterday that Facebook statuses were all screaming out for invitations to try Google Wave. Just a bit further back, one of my friends tried to entice me into joining orkut, Google's main social networking site. Note to Google: too much already!

In other news, Alexander McQueen was found dead in what seems to be a suicide. The fashion world will be a bit lonelier today.

Those are my thoughts and tidbits for today, folks!



  1. We lost an incredibly innovative designer today. It's sad :(

  2. I could not agree more. The abundance of social networking sites is mind-boggling. I find that I can hardly keep up with them. I have Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, all in addition to Blogger. It can be overwhelming sometimes!!

    I'm still in shock. McQueen was an absolute genius. The fashion world has lost a true great. What a tragic way to start off New York Fashion Week. :(