Friday, September 17, 2010

Playing House

While I don't want to jinx it, my roommate and I may just be getting into a DREAM condo. Sigh. It is in an extremely convenient location, it's 2 bed 2 1/2 bath, and is absolutely amazing. Already I have visions of how I'm going to furnish "my" living room. Yes, there are two living areas, so we will each get to figure out our own.

I'm thinking that I will want to save up a bit and maybe get a synthetic leather sofa or microfiber couch. I already have a coffee table, but it will be so lonely without a couch...poor thing.

It's just wonderful thinking that I may be moving into such a grown-up place! Sigh.

Happy Friday!



  1. Ohmigosh this is phenomenal news! I am keeping my figners crossed for you and your roomie!! :)

  2. Good luck with the condo- and 2 living areas?! That sounds spectacular! xo, mel