Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tricky tricky!

I have been hit on before, and I feel like over time I have become less oblivious. However, I was recently taken off guard and, I feel, tricked.

I recently attended a Yelp Elite event. For those who aren't familiar with the terminology, a Yelp Elite is one who posts a lot of reviews, is active on forums, etc.

I didn't know the majority of the people that were attending, but after discussing dressing up on the forums, I arrived in a super cute outfit ready for a fun-filled day.

We had all been given name tags, and were mingling in the lobby of a hotel after going on a tour. While standing around, I tried (for the zillionth time) to check in on Yelp. Stupid Verizon let everyone else check in, but not me! Grrr. After putting my phone away in defeat, I was approached by one of the young men in our group. He complimented me on my outfit (which, as previously stated, was super cute), and started chit chatting with me. The exchange was pleasant. He said blah blah blah, I said yada yada yada...until....

"So, is your boyfriend an Elite?"

"I don't have a boy-" Oh. Oh yes, he was clever indeed.




  1. He totally played that like a character in a romantic comedy. Very clever move. Now...what happened?! :P

  2. Then what happened? Don't leave us hanging like this:D