Sunday, May 20, 2012

Budgeting: the story continues

It is now late May, and how close am I to my goal of $5000 saved by the end of the year? Not very close. I have just over $1000 in my savings account. So what happens if there's an emergency? What if my car craps out? I'm stuck.

At the suggestion of my friend, I signed up for Mint, which is a budgeting tool that connects to your bank account or credit card account to follow your spending habits. What have I learned? I spend too much on shopping and food. Yeah, big surprise. But one thing that my friend pointed out (after I tried to grab the check at lunch) is that I should stop paying for others all the time. Not that it's bad or that I can't treat others once in a while, but sometimes it becomes a habit. Sometimes it's ok to just pay my half.

As far as shopping goes, I don't know what to say. My wardrobe still doesn't fully please me. I wish that I could work with a stylist who could help me find the best pieces for me at decent prices to make me love everything in my closet. Unfortunately, Stacy London isn't my fairy godmother, so I just need to work on making do with what I have....which is not easy.

I have so many unknowns to save for, and now I have another thing to save for: Europe trip next year with my best friend. Wish me luck!

Broke in the 'burbs,


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  1. The whole paying for others thing is a total problem for me, as well. I found that I had to limit how often I went out with certain people just because they would never foot the bill (or at least their portion of it). :/