Thursday, May 17, 2012


Changes don't always happen immediately. Sometimes they're so subtle that we don't notice them until long after they've already taken place. One day you just realize with a start how different you are from what you used to be.

That's been happening with me. I don't know if I'm necessarily better or worse than I used to be, but I do see that I'm changed. In some ways I'm meeker than I ever was before, and yet in other ways I'm much more outgoing. There was a time when I told off a guy for asking me out via text (he immediately called me), but now it's the norm.

What things ought to be changed in my life, and which things should stay consistent? I really don't know.

Confused yet again,


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  1. I think consistency depends on happiness. If you're happy with something, then stay consistent with it; if you're unhappy...changes definitely need to be made. :/