Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Over-intellectualization of blogs?

In a way, weblogs are a sort of online diary for others to read. You post about your day and every little thing that you find interesting and therefore newsworthy in your little world. One day you might write about how your best friend did the craziest thing to get her secret crush to notice her (OMG!!!!!). The next entry might be a bit more emo and how no one truly "gets" you. Then you might have a random survey that asks you questions about the last person you kissed and your favorite toothpaste.

Somehow, what started out as a journal of every little thought that passes through your head may start becoming something else.

I am often compelled to write on topics of a deeper nature so that I can voice my opinions and beliefs, and hope that my words that appear on another's computer screen might have some influence. Maybe just for a matter of seconds. But what if it's a longer-lasting impact? What if the words that I write are quoted by others? What if people take me seriously? What if others have felt the same way on that particular issue and are so glad to have found someone who was willing to speak up?

Before those (very few) of you reading this start assuming that I am a complete narcissist, I want to admit that I consider it highly unlikely that my weblog will gain much attention.

It is my aim, however, to leave others' lives better for having been in them. I want to leave a legacy behind. Maybe I won't have lots of money for my children when death comes upon me, and it's unlikely that I will have experienced great fame. Yet having lived a life of love, compassion, sincerity, and hope is, I believe, a life that was well-lived.

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