Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Single on the Eastside

Some days Facebook really depresses me. Why is it that every other time I sign on I am greeted by images of engagement rings, wedding gowns, and silly couple pictures. As a 23-, almost 24-year-old, I am quite aware that I am reaching "that" age. The age where everyone around me seems to be coupling up or already coupled.

And then there's me. Okay, I'm not completely alone in my loneliness...I do know other singles. However, my rant would certainly not be as effective if I gave way to consolation at this point.

...back to me. Working 45 hours a week and always having a desire to get a good night's rest is not ideal for meeting a guy. Frankly, I am really not in that many situations anymore where I have opportunity to meet new people. I really don't know how I would make time for more activities that would enable me to meet The One.

So for now it seems that I am destined for 45 hour work weeks sprinkled with occasional girl-time sleepovers, karaoke nights, and dancing at my favorite clubs (which happens once every blue moon).

Sigh. Such is my life.


  1. Maybe you should come out and visit your sister, too? You get off early on Fridays, apparently, so that's totally do-able. :-)

  2. If it's supposed to happen it will happen. Or you could take action. Go out - or just try talking to a stranger. 98% of men are not serial killers or weirdos. I promise. ;)

  3. You and me both, kid. I'm a couple years older than you so I'm with you about the facebook announcements and playing "guess who just had a baby?" Apparently I never got the memo that this year was the year of engagements. And attending weddings (alone) when you're still not so keen on dating after a break up is not exactly my idea of a fun time.

    So for now, I'll distract myself with work and more work and planning what I want to do for myself before kids start popping up on my end.