Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Aging Through These Years

This Saturday will rise to find a 24-year-old where the night before left a 23-year-old. It isn't a milestone, of course, but it is another birthday for me. It is one of those times when I get a bit reflective on what has transpired thus far in my life. What accomplishments have I attained? What memories will make me giggle even when I'm old and senile? What lives have I touched that they will mourn me when I leave this world?

I suppose a lot has happened over the years, and I have experienced my share of things. Yet, I always think of those other things, the ones that I haven't managed to do. I have not finished my bachelor's degree. I have not had more than 1 boyfriend, and haven't had one that lasted over 5 months. I haven't found a career. I haven't made many new friends in Washington.

So often it becomes easier for me to dwell on these things than the positive experiences I've had. Okay, I haven't finished my degree, but I can go back at a later time when financially possible. Dating may not be one of my strengths, but I'm still going to put myself out there with open eyes and an open heart. My job may not be what I want to do for the rest of my life, but it's keeping a roof over my head, food in my belly, and I actually enjoy it. Plus, it is where I've made a couple new friends. And yeah, my social circle could use some widening, but I have friends both in Washington and across the country that I know care for me.

Back in Virginia, my roommate Meng (who became my best friend!), my sister Christina, and I would often have our girls' nights at a club in Roanoke. Sometimes it would be us, sometimes we'd have Kristina J. and Ashley with us, but it was always a good time. This picture was taken in my apartment before departure. As you can see, we were ready to take on the night and all that would come with it (fat old guy in a cowboy hat, weird ugly Italians, short Greek man who jumped when dancing...even to Usher, etc.).
This was a very happy time, as you can see from our faces.
More happy moments to come in later posts. I must leave you now to go practice singing for tomorrow night's karaoke.


  1. "As you can see by our faces"? I hope that was sarcasm, because I look pale and nervous. ;-)

    Love you, Katie, and I hope you get the things you're working for.

  2. Well, you were pale. Don't know about nervous...

  3. Why is it that birthdays always make us think of the negatives in our lives rather than the positives? It's almost as if they come about just to remind us of the things we have yet to accomplish. :/