Saturday, October 31, 2009


Hello all! Tonight is Halloween, as you all know. I just heard the doorbell ring upstairs for trick or treaters. Earlier today I was out shopping at Alderwood Mall with Mariko, and there were tons of little girls and boys dressed up trick or treating in the mall. So cute!

Over the years, I've been many different things for Halloween; a clown, senorita, cowgirl, Avril Lavigne, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, honey bee, school girl, etc. Last night's party outfit was a black cat. Tonight I will be a sexy stewardess.

It seems that every year it gets more and more difficult to come up with original ideas. I had the brilliant idea of being a sailor girl after watching a music video by either the Saturdays or Girls Aloud. Unfortunately, I noticed that there were tons of sailor girl outfits this year. Evidently, I'm not exactly original. At least there weren't really any stewardess outfits. Mine is imported from an ebayer in Hong Kong. :o)

What fun, but not ugly unique Halloween costumes can you think of? I would love to have some ideas for next year!

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