Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Lasting Love

We live in a world of fickle hearts. We grew up hearing about Prince Charming and happily ever afters, but we also grew up watching marriages crumble and sex selling in every medium out there. Where, in all of this, is love?

I am one of those walking contradictions; a cynical romantic. I've seen the ups and downs, I've seen people fall in love, and I've seen people fall out of love. It seems like the older generations knew something we didn't.

Despite her death over a quarter century ago, John Wooden still writes his wife Nell love letters. It reminds me of that sappiest of sappy movies, The Notebook.

In all of disillusionment and wariness, I sincerely hope that I may one day experience this kind of love.

P.S. Thanks, Christina, for posting this on your facebook!

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  1. You are so not the only one. I hope to someday find a boy who will forever write me love letters - and be proud to do so; not think of it as a chore!! :)