Saturday, May 15, 2010

Luna Halo vs. Taylor Swift

As the resident DJ at work, I try to mix up the music as opposed to falling into a rut. So a couple days ago, I decided to play some Luna Halo songs that I hadn't heard before. Surprised by the content, I later learned that they had decided to cross over from the Christian music industry to mainstream. Ok, I can handle that. The songs were pretty catchy, and one has been stuck in my head ever since that first play.

"Untouchable" was written by the lead singer of Luna Halo for Taylor Swift. Personally, I think that the Luna Halo rock version beats Taylor's soft and slow version hands down. Tell me what you think!

Luna Halo version:

Taylor Swift version:

Get out in the sun today!


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  1. Totally buying the Luna Halo version on iTunes. I think it has merit in both styles, but I love the LH version a little better. :) Thanks for the recommendation!