Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Evenings out in Seattle

As we tend to do, this past weekend my roommate Stacy and I went out dancing. Friday night we joined our friend Liz at Trinity. The radio station was doing their thing in the red room, and DJ Kazan was mixing Bollywood with some house and hip hop in the blue room. Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell all of the other attractive people in Seattle about this event, as there were mostly Creepers and Butterfaces. Sad times. Oh well, we looked good and had fun.

After visiting with my family for a bit on Saturday, I came home to Stacy telling me that she wanted to go out again. I was up for it, especially when she suggested we get out of our Trinity rut and try a new place. "I did put our names on the guestlist at Trinity," she mentioned while blow-drying her hair. Well, it's good to have a back-up plan.

We went out to Amber, a bar/lounge in Belltown. While I loved the drinks we had, and there were definitely a good mix of people, it didn't really seem like anyone was branching out of their own little groups. So, we threw back the rest of our drinks and headed to our back-up. And it was like night and day!

Suddenly Trinity was reliving its former glory! The girls were few and far between (but more attractive), and the men were gorgeous! This is what should happen every time girls go out. A good ratio (80% men), attractive members of the opposite sex (hubba hubba!), and a good friend looking out for you.

Stacy and I may just have to do more exploration throughout the Seattle nightlife. I will be sure to update y'all on this amazing quest.

Back to work!


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  1. Gah! Your time at Trinity sounds amazing! I hope you met countless cute boys to exchange numbers with. If not this time, next time! :P