Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas playlist

For those unfortunate souls that have no sense of time and are confused as to what a calendar is, today is Christmas eve. It is the night before we celebrate the birth of the one who came as an atoning sacrifice for all the badness and evil both in our hearts and in our deeds. Christmas has become commercialized over the years, and its celebration is no longer just for the faithful. Those of other religions accept it almost as their own.

One of my favorite aspects of Christmas is the music. I can turn on the radio and hear the sweet words of Nat King Cole and Bing Crosby reminding me how lovely this season truly is. However, there are times that I need to move beyond the classics and listen to Christmas music that doesn't get as much airtime or that you don't hear quite as often.

Thus, my Christmas playlist!

1. "Celebrate the Day" - Relient K
2. "Do They Know it's Christmas" - Band Aid (1984)
3. "Santa Baby" - Eartha Kitt
4. "Mary's Boy Child" - Boney M
5. "It's Christmas Time" - City on a Hill
6. "Punk Rawk Christmas" - MxPx
7. "Breath of Heaven" - Amy Grant
8. "Six White Boomers" - Rolf Harris
9. "Little Drummer Boy" - Jars of Clay
10. "Christmas is All in the Heart" - Steven Curtis Chapman
11. "I'm Getting Nuttin For Christmas" - Relient K
12. "Oh Santa" - Mariah Carey
13. "My Christmas List" - Simple Plan

...and this list would not be complete without one of my new favorites:

Merry Christmas!


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