Monday, February 21, 2011

Baby-sitting a sloppy drunk

There are mainly three kinds of drunks; the mean drunks, the fun drunks, and the sloppy drunks. Sometimes the fun drunks become the sloppy drunks.

Have you ever had to baby-sit one of these people? I have. This past weekend.

How was it, you ask sweetly? Oh, honey...

I suppose that it would be unfair to omit the fact that the sloppy drunk in question was assisted to this state by yours truly. She only noticed me refilling her drink once. The other times I totally got away with it. But it was her birthday, I reason to myself. Despite it being her birthday, and despite the fact that she was truly hilarious, I should have done something.

That is my story. There are others. Sloppy drunks are kinda like zombies. You don't know what they are until it's too late. Oh yeah, they may look like you and me, but deep down their liver tells a different story...



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  1. I don't drink myself; therefore, I always turn into the babysitter it seems. Luckily, I don't have a driver's license, so I never get stuck with designated driver duty. :P