Saturday, February 26, 2011

16 Guys: Date #1

Thursday night my roomie and I went out to karaoke in Bellevue. It was an ok night with several really good singers. However, as often happens, I grew a bit tired and decided to make a note. I wrote down all of the guys I've ever gone out with, including just single dates. If I am correct (which I'm pretty sure I am since I racked my brain all evening), I have gone out with exactly 16 guys in my life. Yes, this is a tiny number, but keep in mind that I didn't date until college. So I've decided that I will (briefly) chronicle these guys for my adoring readers. They may occasionally be out of order, but I'm sure you'll be ok.

You're welcome!

My very first date was with a boy named Cody first semester of my sophomore year at college. He was in my dorm's brother dorm, and I remember the first day I met him. It was orientation week for freshmen and I was in hall leadership so I was there as well. There was a long line in the cafeteria for the soda machine, so when I reached the cups, I grabbed an extra one and passed it to the person behind me. Cody was surprised, smiled, and said thank you. I then went to sit down with a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios, and had barely managed a spoonful before I was approached by said brother dormer. Grinning sheepishly, he came up to me and asked where I had found cereal. I pointed him in the right direction and went back to my Cheerios.

We saw each other often due to brother/sister dorm stuff, and at one point he asked me out. I was a bit perplexed since I really only saw him as a friend, and let him down gently.

A month or so went by and he kept up his attention to me, as did another boy (we'll get to him later). It was weird for me to have two different guys into me at the same time, so I got a bit flustered. However, Cody was a nice guy and he was kinda cute. So when he finally got up the nerve to ask me out again, I said yes.

He gave me a couple different options, but we ended up going out to eat and seeing a movie. It was a wonderful first date, and he was a complete gentleman. But my initial feeling for him held up; he was definitely the sort of guy that is better as a friend.

To wrap this up, Cody is now married to a lovely girl and is a youth pastor in Virginia.

I know I don't have a lot of dating experience, but every day is a new one and I have hope that I will find love somewhere and sometime in this world.



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  1. Awww... sounds like a great person to have your first dating experience with.

    16 isn't a small number! I am married now, but before Brian I only went out with 8 guys - and only 4 of them turned into relationships.