Sunday, December 27, 2009

Making do with what I have: Cigarette pants

Shopping in my own wardrobe is not as easy as I could hope for, but I suppose it isn't as difficult as it could be. I am blessed with more than enough clothes, and most are even cute! So, without further ado, here is my in-closet makeover.

I began with a pair of cigarette pants that I had picked up earlier this year after watching "The Philadelphia Story" and admiring Katharine Hepburn's style. They weren't especially easy to find, but Banana Republic came through for me with this would-be wardrobe staple.

 My first look is for New Year's, as most people need to get a bit more dressed up for the NYE parties. I took a lime green (kinda) halter-neck top, left my hair down and flowing, added some low-heeled pewter dress sandals and a statement bracelet and voila!

I don't think cigarette pants would be such a potential wardrobe staple if they couldn't be worn to the office. Therefore, I knew I needed a work-appropriate look for this collection. I pulled my hair into a loose bun, threw on a fuchsia long-sleeved tee, a grommeted belt, a pair of black flats, and added hoop earrings and a black pearl necklace with invisible wire (it's kinda like fishing wire). Here's the work look:

My last look is for my love; karaoke. I think every girl needs to make sure that she has a fabulous outfit for a night out belting the lyrics of classic favorites and new hits. For my karaoke look, I pulled my bangs back and left the rest of my hair down, slipped into a pair of black patent heels, threw on a 3/4 sleeve purplish v-neck topped with a t-shirt weight dark gray shawl (or whatever you'd call it), added a couple bangles, hoop earrings and a multi-strand silver chain necklace and called it a day.


Hope you like!



  1. The last look is my absolute favorite - there's something about the mix of purple and black that is tres fab!! :)

  2. Cute outfits- cigarette pants are such a great staple and a must-have! xo, Mel