Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Flying Trapeze

My mom seems to have decided that my life has sunk to such a low that she actually offered to pay for what she considers to be exciting - trapeze classes. While this is certainly fun to watch on TV or at the circus, I simply do not have any inclination to fly through the air without superhero abilities. She then suggested scuba diving, to which I also declined.

Is my life so dull that it will take such extreme measures to make it somewhat exciting? I certainly hope not! As a matter of fact, my friend Koko and I are actually going out roller-skating tonight. Last night, we got manicures after work, and I later met up with my friend Kirk for 31 cent scoop night at Baskin Robbins. Tuesday night I met up with my cousin to play pool, then made my way over to Greenlake to have ice cream with my sister and some pilot friends.

Okay, this is not some amazing jet-setting lifestyle, I don't live in an extravagant penthouse overlooking the city, and my wardrobe is not even similar to a Hollywood starlet's. Yet I find my life pleasing and enjoyable. It can seem a bit predictable and stuck-in-a-rut-like, but I'm comfortable and happy.

No trapeze for me, but I will be taking a few quick trips this year. My roommate and I will be going to eastern Washington in July, Koko and I will be visiting Vancouver, B.C. for Memorial Day, and my roomie and I will be taking in all of the wonders of Vegas some time in October.

Plus, at some point this summer I plan to take a weekend to myself, somewhere secret and pretty much removed from everyone. I will explore, contemplate my life, and just breathe. No trapeze required.



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