Friday, April 30, 2010

Skating back to my youth

Sometimes it's easy to forget our youth and childhood; those wonderful carefree days where the worries were trivial and the styles were frightening. Back in those days, I would take roller-skating lessons with my sister Sunday afternoons, and would attend the homeschool skate session every third Friday of the month. I wasn't cool, and I was quite the ugly duckling. But when I got on the rink, I was like an eagle soaring free! a circle.

Last night Koko and I went to the local skate rink for the 18 and up session. Neither of us fell, and while the music left something to be desired, it was a fabulous, carefree, and somewhat nostalgic night. It helped, of course, that the rink hadn't really changed since junior high. Same gross carpet, same giant shoe car in the corner, same mural of Seattle showing the no-longer-in-existence Kingdome, and the same smell of junior high awkwardness. Compared to everyone else, we were true amateurs. There were people skating backwards, flipping around, and doing little tricks. It was intimidating, but a little inspiring. At the end, I found out that the man who had taught me to skate all those years ago still worked there.

Koko and I decided that this will need to be a regular thing, so we plan to go once a month. We really have no excuse now, since the locker rental guy gave us each a couple of free entrance passes.

May even more memories be made!


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  1. Ohmigosh how on earth did I forget about this song/video? I adore it! I used to go to the skating rink every weekend when I was younger too. Oh, now I want to go! :)