Thursday, April 1, 2010

Time to get healthy...ugh.

Those are my feelings at the moment. While I am not fat or even necessarily overweight, like most American women, I see things in myself that I would like to improve...or not see anymore. Since I cannot break every mirror on the planet, it seems that changing my diet is a logical decision.

A little bored and wanting a different type of reading material, I decided to pick up my unread copy of Skinny Bitch. It was enlightening, and it made me want to chuck all of my food out the window. Unfortunately, I do not know how to open any of the windows, and ridding myself of all these things would leave me hungry. So I have decided that I will start adopting things that they suggest, step by step, but also finish out the food I already have.

One of the big things that this book stresses is vegetarianism. And not just standard vegetarianism, but VEGANISM. Ewww. That makes my steak-, cheese-, and all things yummy-loving blood curdle. Like I said, this is gonna be a step by step thing, and I refuse to be so strict as to deprive myself of amazing food. I will not be making any regular meat at home, but may continue indulging in salmon. I figure this should be an easy task since I usually only eat meat when I'm out.

Next up is coffee and soda. While my devotion to Starbucks has wavered, I've remained a coffee lover throughout the years. However, it has recently been upsetting my stomach, so it really hasn't been an issue. Soda will be a bit harder. I grew up guzzling soda, and this stupid book even instructs readers to give up on diet soda. GRRR. As I don't want to waste food, I will be finishing up my 2 liter of Diet Pepsi. Then...done.

Cutting out sugar and sugary-foods is going to trip me up, just as it has my entire life. However, with both parents being diabetic, and knowing that I have a sensitivity to sugar, this is long overdue. Aspartame is not an option, according to Skinny Bitch, as it creates formaldehyde and has a ton of health issues. The list of edible foods continues to shrink.

Next item to be thrown out? Dairy. Sigh. If you know me, you know I love my cheese. I'm not sure if this is gonna work out. Cheese is extremely fattening, so it really makes sense to cut it out, but does it really make sense to cut out delicious garlic and herb chevre? You see my dilemma.

All in all, I want to start eating better without being annoyingly stringent. I never want to be one of those uppity people who looks down on you when your filet mignon is brought out while they are picking away at their salad.

Wish me luck in this new adventure/dietary suicide!


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