Friday, October 28, 2011

How to get non-sick

What happens when you have a week off, but on the weekend you will be going out several nights in a row and you just happen to get sick mid-week?

Do you: A. Roll over die?
B. Cancel all plans and order pizza from Dominos to have a night watching b-movies from Hulu?
or C. Stuff yourself full of vitamins, drink OJ by the gallon, and stay in bed pretty much all day?

Yes, I answered C. I am doing everything in my power to get better by tonight. I am currently working on a berry blast Naked juice while eating a slice of birthday cake.

I cannot be too sick..not for Halloween weekend! I'm going to three different parties, I'll be wearing three different costumes, and I intend to be fabulous at every single one.

I'll give you details after each party.

Sick but with cake,



  1. haha sounds like an excellent plan! Keep us updated.

  2. I love the title lol! Hope you feel better soon girly. I take the same approach to getting "not sick". I'm a vitamin c junkie this time of year.

  3. You cannot miss those parties, as I'm not doing anything for Halloween weekend, and I need to attend each one of them (looking glamorous, of course) vicariously through you. :P

    Thus, do everything you can do get well soon! I hope you feel better! :)