Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween weekend

Well, despite still being a wee bit sick, I managed to make it out two nights in a row this past Halloween weekend.

Party #1 was Disco Superhero theme at See Sound Lounge in Belltown. My friend Liz dressed up as Jem, and I was Stiletto Girl, a superhero of my own making. As Stiletto Girl, I have the power to kick through brick walls and charm men into doing my bidding with a single glance. The costumes were great, but Liz found out on the drive over that Jem was not really a superhero, though in the 80's cartoon show she could create holograms out of her star earrings.

Upon arrival, the girl signing us in immediately told us that while it was a bit slow at the moment, it would pick up in time. No worries, we understood that the night was still young! We sat down at the bar and got a round of tasty beverages. While drinking away the sound of horrible techno music, a Carey Hart wannabe sat down next to Liz and began flirting away. Unfortunately for him, she was unimpressed by the fact that he was currently on ecstasy or that he was on parole for assaulting his girlfriend. Oh well, better luck next time! As our area was filling up with people standing around awkwardly, we decided to move over to the other room where dancing was supposed to take place. It was pretty much empty...besides the fish tanks. Well, after a bit of this, we realized that we could probably just make it home, change clothes, grab guest passes, and save the night by going to our tried and true dance club, Trinity. We rushed home, changed, I grabbed my passes, and we turned around to head back to Seattle when we realized we wouldn't make it by 12 (when the passes expire). Liz emailed the manager from her phone. As we drove, we kept checking and rechecking her email until voila! We were on the all-night list. Yay!! It would have truly saved the night, except that there was absolutely no parking in the area once we arrived. After 20 minutes of driving around we headed home to sleep.

Party #2 was a masquerade at the Experience Music Project. I spent an hour curling my hair (I have a LOT of hair), then used bright blue eyeliner on my eyes, extending the line almost to my brow line. I added silver shadow to my lids and topped them with silver glitter. Above my brows, I used my blue liner to make little dots. In the middle of each dot, I stuck a body jewel. The effect was perfect, but did not show up in photos very well. Oh well, I was pleased. Liz and I arrived a bit early, so we showed off our beauty at the nearby McDonald's. The scene kids were, as usual, unimpressed. After finishing off our tasty fast food, we headed across the street to the EMP. The line was a bit long, it was quite cold, but at least it moved pretty fast.

Upon arrival, we checked in and let them know that we had a volunteer shift from 10-12 (which is how we received free admission). We had enough time to walk around, get some pictures taken, grab a drink, and check out the facilities before heading back downstairs for our shift. Liz and I were put in charge of checking people in, which was pretty easy work. It went quickly, we got to check out everyone's costumes as they entered, and it was all pretty nice. Until the Drunk Caveman arrived. Evidently, this guy had purchased VIP admission, but had checked in at the general admission door. He had proceeded to get intoxicated, went up to the VIP section, and they wouldn't let him in. Well, Drunk Caveman won't stand for that! He marched himself down to our table and asked why he wasn't being allowed in, and what the heck we were going to do about it. Well, the girl in charge had just gone MIA, so we were clueless and panicking for about 15 minutes until she came and sorted things out. Once our shift ended, Liz and I went upstairs to the main dance floor. It was a lot of fun, but people were getting a bit shovy, which I did not appreciate. After a while, we decided to move things to the third floor. The music was techno-y, but there was plenty of room to move. Definitely enjoyed that! After a while, we went downstairs again for the top-40 music.

All in all, not too bad. However, the real magic is tonight. You see, my dears, tonight is Halloween itself and Liz and I will be heading out to one last party. I will not say that I will be the prettiest girl there, but dagnabbit, I will be the cutest Pokémon in the club!

Pika pika,



  1. I love the idea of Stiletto Girl - so cute. And, of course, your shoes double as weapons, right? :P

    P.S. Pikachu is the best costume idea EVER! :)