Friday, January 13, 2012

500 calories down the drain

In an effort to get into a shape that is not round, I have been doing a bit of Slim-Fast dieting. I drink two shakes a day, eat three snacks around 100 calories each, then have one regular meal up to 500 calories. With long hours at work, my big meal has been lunch since I'm in a rush in the mornings and I'm not usually that hungry at night.

Today I was excited to try out my Trader Joe's Garlic Noodle Bowl that has been sitting in my cupboard for what seems like an eternity (probably closer to a few weeks). I took out the packets, poured them in, added hot water, and sat down to eat.

Oh my word. So not worth my only decent meal of the day. Moral of the day: If you're on a diet that limits your "full meal" options, go with something you know is going to be yummy. Don't waste calories on crap.

Full but irritated,



  1. LOL, I totally agree with this. If I am going to eat something bad, it is going to be worth the calories!


  2. Best. Advice. Ever. Seriously...use calories wisely. :)