Friday, January 20, 2012

Style of the Sirens: Leslie Caron

When you think of screen legends, style icons, and sirens of the past, I'm sure you think of Marilyn, Audrey, Bette (either of them), etc. It seems that one of the most gorgeous and elegant ladies to ever show up on film is often forgotten amongst these others. Yes, I speak of the one and only Leslie Caron.

First appearing with Gene Kelly in "An American In Paris", this seductress played the wide-eyed innocent and melted the hearts of men with her sweet French accent. Her credits include hits such as "Gigi", "Daddy Long Legs", and the more recent "Le Divorce". I remember her for the title role in "Lili".

Her style changed over time, but in all her roles and throughout the decades, her bright eyes and fabulous style have remained.


  1. Awww...she is adorable. I think I need to see An American in Paris. :)