Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The New Boy - Old Boy Phenomenon

Perhaps there's a different name for it, but I'll call it the "New Boy - Old Boy Phenomenon" or NBOBP for short.

I'm sure for most females who have dated around a bit, they are familiar with the concept: As soon as you start dating or talking to a new guy, suddenly a guy you had dated previously contacts you in some way.

Is he aware of this new guy? Maybe not. Somehow, there's a little tiny chip built into heterosexual males (sorry, these are the only specimens that have been examined) to alert them when a female is connecting with a new male. Once triggered, they feel the obligation to text, call, email, or Facebook said female so that she is still aware of their existence.

It amazes me that I just wrote a post about how my ex's best friend unfriended me on Facebook, and early this morning he randomly decides to comment on my Facebook status. Was it due to the blog? Was it that little chip alerting him to the fact that I've been talking with some other guys?

It will perhaps remain an unsolved mystery.

The next guy's pre-ex girlfriend,



  1. Truth! This literally happens to me every single time I start talking to someone new, which ultimately leads to what ifs? about the previous relationship. Frustrating! :/

  2. Ahhhh, I remember those days(pre-husband). It is like some kind of boy intuition:)


  3. "You want what you can't have"!!! Like being on a diet, once you CAN'T have chocolate you crave it!! lol
    Thanks for being a loyal follower on Soho also. It is much appreciated. ♥ ♥ ♥