Monday, January 16, 2012

Facebook Friend Etiquette: Friends of your ex

So a few moments ago, I was playing around on Facebook. I had noticed that my friend number had gone down by 1 or 2, but that happens on occasion. Then I went to type in my friend Liz's name to post something on her wall. That's when I realized...there was another Liz that was suddenly not showing up in the list of options.

I actually typed in her full name, and none of those smiling faces belonged to the girl I was looking for. To further check what happened, I went to my ex's profile (yes, we're still FB friends). There she was.

My ex's best friend un-friended me. Such drama! Such scorn! Such...well, I guess we don't really talk or anything, so I guess it doesn't matter.

So for those of you who have experienced this, what do you do with all of those "friends" that you've made through your now-ex after the breakup? Do you just leave them there? Do you remove them? Do you ::gasp:: block them? I've just kinda left them all there, not really thinking much of it.

Is it sad that you've lost one of your pseudo-friends?

I guess. But at least no real friends were compromised.

Your friend,



  1. To be honest, I rarely remove anyone from my Facebook Friends List. Whether it's from uncaring, or just no time, I leave them there for all of eternity - unless they do something to truly bug me, then they are no mas! :P

  2. I am not really a facebook friend remover. However, I will block their updates from appearing if I need a break.

    Every once in a while my numbers will fluctuate, and most of the time I have no idea who it was that unfriended me. I guess I stopped caring too.