Saturday, January 2, 2010

Getting Hit On

So as I was comfortably lounging around my room on this lazy Saturday morning, I came across a hilarious website called "I hit on you". Lots of anecdotes of lame pick-up lines and ugly drunks. Ah, the memories it brought up. Okay, okay, twist my arm why don't you? Here are some of the memorable "hits" that I've taken.

  • While I was walking back to my car with some friends after a night of dancing, this Mexican guy walks by, then kinda turns and looks back at me and says "Oooh, you've got the body of a Mexican!" Umm...thanks?
  • This guy at my school and I had chit-chatted a bit off and on, and I thought he was kinda cute (even if a bit short). One day he bravely approaches the table in the cafeteria where my dorm (of girls) sits. He says 'hello' and sheepishly says something that I interpret as "do you have a phone?" I reply that I do. He then asks if he can have it. I say "NOO!" and laugh, thinking how odd a request it is. Then I notice his dejected face, and ask him to repeat his original question. Yeah...he'd asked for my phone number, not my phone. End of story: gave him my number, but the jerk never called. 
  • My roomie and I decided to pop by a burger place near our school for lunch. While getting my soda, this kinda weird-looking guy comes up and asks me if I know some random guy. I had never heard of him, so I say no, and that I'm sorry. I sit down, explain what happened to my friend, and we see out of our peripheral vision that creepo sat down at a table right behind us. For his enjoyment, we start speaking as loudly as possible about boyfriends and different sexual things we enjoyed (we were Cosmo-reading virgins!). Unfortunately, this did not deter him from coming up to our table while we were eating, look me in the eye and ask if I have a boyfriend. I didn't, but I needed to for the purpose of this conversation, so I said yes. He stares at me for a second, then says "REALLY?" At that, I get a bit huffy and say, "Yes, actually I do!" He apologizes and leaves. Praise God!
Those were some of the more interesting ones. Hope you enjoyed!

Buenos tardes!


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  1. It's truly dangerous that you just exposed me to that website, because I can already tell that I'll be spending way too much time on it!! :)