Monday, January 18, 2010

Virginia To-do List

For one of my Christmas gifts, my parents paid for my trip to Virginia in March to visit my friends. This trip has been in the works for nearly two years (since I moved back home to Washington), and I am thrilled. So now it's planning time. I can't waste one precious Virginian moment, since I will only be there for a few days! Here's what I want to do:

  • Eat my weight in parmesan garlic wings at Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Trick Sarah into going dancing at Corned Beef
  • Take a road trip to Charlottesville with Cindy to pretend we're UVA students, get nutella mochas at HotCakes, and check out all the little book stores downtown
  • Visit Thai '99 with Sarah, since evidently she will die if we don't
  • Drive over to the Old City Cemetery, one of my favorite places in the South
  • Grab a burger (not a cheesy western, I'm sorry!) at the Texas Inn
  • Wander around Riverside Park and take in the exquisite views of the James River down below
  • If we're feeling really adventurous, maybe go dancing at Cattle Annie's. That's the epitome of Lynchburg nightlife - sad and stinky
  • Meet up with Carmen
  • Hang out with Laura P.
  • Get together with Glory
  • If I'm ready to be insulted for my height, visit with Laura & Hunter
All in all, I expect that it will be fun, eventful, and full of picture opportunities.




  1. Nutella mochas?!? Is there a more glorious combination of words? I don't think so. Just the idea of one has added inches to my waistline. I hope they taste as heavenly as they sound.

  2. Nutella Mochas? Yes please! It sounds like you are going to have such an amazing time!! :)