Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let's have fun, shall we?

So Aspiring Fashionista tagged me in her survey thingy, so now it's my turn to answer the questions. Enjoy!

1. Your hair? Curly dark brown with black grow-out. I'm growing it as long as possible for Locks of Love.

2. Your favorite food? Indian food, definitely. Serve me up some paneer tikka masala on some rice with some warm naan and a fresh glass of mango lassi and I will be in heaven!

3. Your favorite drink? Hmm. Gonna go with mango lassi for right now.

4. Your dream/goal? To touch others' lives and leave them better than before having met me.

5. Your hobby? Karaoke, dancing, blogging.

6. Your fear? Needles and people in those big mascot suits.

7. Where were you last night? Eating yummy bacon ranch fried chicken sandwiches at Sport with my friend, then a sleepover at her place.

8. Something you say all the time? GRRRR.

9. Something that you’re not? Tall

10. Wishlist item? More wishes! Mwa ha ha

11. Last thing you did? Ate lunch.

12. What are you wearing? Jeans, black flats, black v-neck with a t-shirt weight short-sleeved cardigan over it.

13. Your pets? A cat that lives with my parents.

14. Friends? Fabulous show! ..oh, I get it. lol I love my friends :o)

15. Missing someone? My college friends.

16. Something you’re not wearing? Stirrup pants and shoulder pads. ::shudder::

17. Your favorite store? Fireworks. Local and international artisans, and everything is beautiful!

18. Your favorite color? Pink.

19. The last time you cried? Not sure, actually.

20. When's the last time you laughed? Earlier today at work. My co-workers are awesome!

21. One place that I go to over and over? My apartment??

22. Where do you eat? Lots of places, but I love Mehfil in Redmond Town Center!
Okay, I guess it's my turn to tag. Budget Babe, City of Dionne, and Cafe Couture, it's your turn!
Love and kisses!


  1. I'm so surprised at how many people are growing their hair for Locks of Love! And I, too, hate those people in mascot outfits. So frightening. Thanks for playing along!

  2. I absolutely adore the fact that you mentioned karaoke! I've always wanted to try, but I'm too embarrassed!! :)

  3. Thanks for the tag! btw I love Indian food too, the spicier the better.