Monday, January 11, 2010

Things to Do on the Eastside

Seattle has a lot to offer, and in comparison, the Eastside may seem a bit dull. Do not worry, however, if this is your destination for a day of fun! I have a list! Oh yes, a list. A list of things one can do to have hours of immense fun on this side of Lake Washington.

1. Start off an Almond Joy (it's a coffee drink) at Victor's in Redmond. If you feel up for it, play cards or a board game - they have them!

2. Stop to smell the roses - or whatever is in bloom - at Bellevue Botanical Gardens. While it isn't especially easy to find, it's gorgeous and perfect for picture days!

3. Take a stroll around Bellevue Downtown Park, located right next to Bellevue Square Mall. At the moment, they have an ice rink set up. Besides that, it's just a lovely little getaway in the heart of the city.

4. Speaking of Bellevue Square, if you have the urge to shop, be sure to hit up the Bellevue Collection, which includes Bellevue Square, Lincoln Center, and Bellevue Place.

5. If you're interested in learning a bit about your local history in a beautiful setting, stop by Clise Mansion inside Marymoor Park in Redmond. You'll learn about James Clise and his Willowmoor Farm.

6. Having a sweet tooth attack? Definitely check out Boehm's Candies in Issaquah. If possible, plan ahead of time to take a tour. They make their own chocolate in a little chalet, and have the cutest bavarian-style grounds.

7. Want the ultimate experience in move-going? Try Big Picture Cinema in Redmond Town Center. Order some drinks to have delivered to you while you watch your movie!

8. If the weather's nice, bring a ball and play volleyball at one of several beaches lining the Kirkland waterfront.

9. While in Kirkland, don't forget to grab a dozen or so delicious wheat-free creamsicle cupcakes from SweetCakes Bakery.

10. If you're ready to put your dancing shoes on, you've got a few options. My favorite on the Eastside is in..Kirkland again! Check out Lake Street Bar on a Saturday night and have the pleasure of shakin' that booty to the sounds of DJ Kazan.

Ten is typical for a list, but I have a bonus for you!

11. As my beloved readers know, I adore karaoke. Maple Leaf Chinese Restaurant in Bellevue has karaoke Wednesday-Saturday nights, and offers an enormous variety of songs.

Have fun!



  1. Great list- I'll need to reference this when I eventually make it up to Seattle! I hope to go there over a long weekend in the summer! xo, mel

  2. Oh, I so adore you for this list. I suddenly have the urge to book a flight to Seattle for SweetCakes Bakery alone!! :)

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