Monday, January 4, 2010

Making do with what I have: White Polo Shirt

You don't have to be super preppy to have one of these in your wardrobe. In fact, they're wonderfully versatile and very comfortable! It would kinda be silly to not have a white polo.

While it may not be October, no closet should be completely empty of costume idea pieces. Like I said, a white polo shirt is extremely versatile. Throw on a high-waisted pencil skirt, a pair of short white socks, black flats, pull your hair up into a quintessential ponytail with a scarf, and perfect the look with a pair of black-rimmed glasses. Oh...and bright red lipstick doesn't hurt. Voila! Emergency costume for your friend's 50's-themed party.

 This next look is wishful thinking for most of the country. However, for those lucky Floridians, Hawaiians, and Californians (or Virginians on those weird-weather days), this one you can have now. I love this look for a spring or summer date. I pulled on a floral-print miniskirt, slipped into white peep-toe flats, added a pearl necklace and a flower for my hair, and I managed to remember a gold clutch purse.

This last one took me forever to shoot! Every 20-something needs a good interview outfit, and I think this works. It's stylish, professional, and pulled-together...without being a suit! I topped the polo with a purple button-front blouse, but left it open and wound a black leather belt around it. Those cigarette pants made a comeback, and a pair of black patent pumps, dangly gold and black earrings, and a headband to keep my bun tight completed the look.

There you have them! Any other ideas for white polos?

Night night!



  1. Ohmigosh this brings back so many memories - I used to live in polo shirts; specifically a white one. I need to buy some again - loving the way you've styled yours!! :)

  2. I love the interview look. I would've never thought to put a blouse over it like you did, and I absolutely adore the end result!

    In high school, we had to wear collared shirts, and I used my white polos as layering pieces under sweaters or other shirts to add a collar. They're less bulky than other shirts can be.

  3. Oh, and you've been tagged!

  4. haha! brilliant!
    the last one u did a superb job on :)