Saturday, January 23, 2010

How to (momentarily) Forget a Boy

Last week I went on a date. It was a very pleasant date. I have not heard from the boy now for one week. Thus, when my friend Mariko suggested that we have a sleepover for last night, I was happy to have a distraction.It worked quite well, and I want to offer up my experience to any girls out there wanting to (at least for the moment) forget about a boy.

Friends are always a good distraction. When they know you need to get your mind off something, whether it be a boy or the death of a loved one, they will be there to help you out.

We drove to her place from work, took her dog out for a quick walk, then headed out for a cocktail and appetizers at Spur. If you're ever in Belltown, I highly recommend the Antionette (delicious lemony big-girl drink) and the parmesan gnochi. We also tried smoked salmon crostinis, but I had assumed that by "smoked" it meant "non-raw". I was mistaken...ick. The ambiance was nice and dim, and while a bit loud, we could still hear each other if we leaned in a bit.

Still quite hungry, we headed over to Via Tribunali for some delicious thin-crust pizza. Unfortunately, when I left this morning, I failed to get my leftovers out of the fridge. Sad times.

Following the food, we stopped by Belltown Video and headed upstairs for movie night. I am not typically creeped out by slashers or blood and gore scary movies, but when you get into the spiritual realm like in Paranormal Activity, it takes a little time to recover. Fortunately, as soon as that was over, we popped in 500 Days of Summer for a sweet and stylish end to the night.

This morning, we woke up at the ungodly hour of 8am to fill up the meter where my car was parked. Once we were fully alive and properly clothed, we made our way to Macrina's Bakery for a yummy brunch of brioche french toast. So good!!

And there you have it; a wonderfully laid-back evening with a good friend full of laughter and amazing food is the perfect way to forget about...wait...what? Oh, and I guess buying a new pair of Guess pumps, five DVDs, a modern classic book, and two strapless dresses didn't hurt either.

Happy Saturday!



  1. Brioche French Toast, (500) Days of sounds like you had an amazing weekend my love! I hope you've been able to put the boy out of your mind. :/

  2. It really does sound like the perfect evening to forget about a boy. Friends are great like that. And pumps. And delicious lemony drinks. :)

  3. I've got an award for you!