Monday, January 18, 2010

Joys in the Mundane

Happy Monday, everyone! Lately I've noticed myself living "for" something. Living for the weekend. Living for my next karaoke outing. Living for this, living for that, instead of living in the moment.I want to slow down a bit so that I can truly appreciate the individual moments of each day.

So here are some little things that I have enjoyed lately.

  • Last night while grocery shopping at WinCo, I discovered Roasted Chicken flavor ramen, which is much tastier than regular chicken ramen. I had previously rejoiced in the discovery of kosher chicken ramen, which is also better than regular chicken ramen.
  • While shopping for some easy-peasy Indian food at Cost Plus, I was happy to find that they were on sale! 2/$4. Bringing up my 6 boxes (I had to stock up!) to the register, they had my favorite wine on sale, so I also grabbed a bottle of that. At the checkout, they randomly decided to give me a free tote bag. Win!
Those are some lovely (shopping) moments that I've had lately. Hope that your moments go well, too.



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  1. Regular chicken Ramen is so not good - hence the reason I always buy the shrimp flavor. I need to find the roasted chicken flavor for some variety. Yay for free tote bags!! :)