Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello Rodarte!

One of my friends is in love with Rodarte, and was thrilled to hear that they would be coming out with a Target line. Up until that point, I had never heard of the brand. By the time the line was released, she had heard some negative feedback, and it sounded like it wasn't going to be the dream-come-true that she had envisioned.

While running errands earlier today, I stopped at Target and decided to take a stroll past the clothing section. I saw a sign indicating that the pieces below were from the infamous Rodarte line. Well, it couldn't possibly hurt to take a look. I saw the pale blue dress that I'd admired on, but it wasn't in my size.

I walked around, and caught sight of the perfect dress to welcome Spring! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!! They even had my size! I grabbed the utterly fabulous dress, and rushed off to the fitting rooms thinking of how my dress would make me the envy of every girl. At first I was a bit scared, thinking that perhaps the reviews were correct and the dress wouldn't work on a person as well as it did on the hanger.

Nope, it was even better! While I had been attempting to avoid impulse clothing purchases, this was a necessity.

Sigh. I'm in love...with a dress.

Kiss kiss!



  1. Impulse purchases are allowed when they are as fabulous as that lace halter floral dress. What an amazing way to start off the new year!! :)

  2. yayy that dress is super cute! unfortunately, i missed out online- and haven't made it to a target to see if there's anything left! happy 2010 to you! xo, Mel

  3. I love it! I saw that dress in black last night at Target and had to say no since I'd already bought too much. This picture makes me seriously regret it, though. You look amazing in it!